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Oxtrades Review – Scam or Not? (

oxtrades review ( scam)
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oxtrades review: The growing interest in online trading is pushing people to search for brokerages that manage to offer competitive conditions, without having to commit large deposits in exchange. Out of all the names available out there, Oxtrades is currently gaining momentum, and we wanted to find out why that is the case. 

If you are interested in opening a trading account with this broker and you don’t want to encounter any surprises, read this full Oxtrades Review, where you can get all of the relevant details you should know before signing up. 

So dose Oxtrades is safe? lets see

About the company

Oxtrades has been operating in the field of CFD trading for the past 5 years, developing AI algorithm to assist customers in reaching their financial goals by accessing liquid markets and managing risk like professionals. When trading via you are connected to a broad online audience via advanced trading software.

Ox Trades
The growing interest in online trading is pushing people to search for brokerages that manage to offer competitive conditions, without having to commit large deposits in exchange. Out of all the names available out there, Oxtrades is currently gaining momentum, and we wanted to find out why that is the case.


  • AI Trading
  • Support
  • Fees
  • Service


  • Delay
  • Bugs


  • Assets 5.0/5
  • Support 4.5/5
  • Ai Trading 5.0/5
  • Service 4.2/5

A hands-on experience,AI algorithm, tight trading costs, legal protection, and transparency are just some of the reasons why many traders around the world have already chosen to join the ranks of Oxtrades. This is a multi-asset brand, which is something most traders today appreciate, considering the persistently high volatility across all major asset classes.

Is Ai trading real ? 

Oxtrades stands out significantly in the digital trading arena by integrating cutting-edge AI algorithms similar to ChatGPT-4 and specially coded technologies to aid traders in maximizing their trading margins. This innovative approach ensures that users benefit from real-time, data-driven insights and recommendations, tailored to enhance their trading activities. By leveraging AI, Oxtrades offers a competitive edge, providing traders with advanced tools designed to navigate and profit from the markets more efficiently. This incorporation of AI technology is central to our review, highlighting the broker’s commitment to leveraging the latest advancements to benefit its clientele.

Keep in mind that returns are not guaranteed and even the best traders sometimes encounter losses. Still, with AI trading, traders can get live feedback from their peers and see how they view the market at any given moment. 

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Oxtrades review: CFD coverage

Since its main specialty is CFD trading online, , Oxtrades is now offering you the ability to gain diversified exposure in the market. This can be done by choosing between tens of currency pairs, hundreds of stocks, a generous list of cryptocurrencies, popular indices, and trending commodities. (oxtrades review)

Financial markets are literally in the palm of your hand, regardless of the location you are trading from. The main theme in 2022 has been the rise in volatility, even in markets like currencies that were always considered to be very calm. 

Things are completely different now and you should take a close look at all the options available, especially since Oxtrades did a lot of work to constantly expand its asset index. Access to these instruments is not dependent on your account type. 

Oxtrades platforms review

An account with Oxtrades reveals the unique and innovative trading platform designed by the company. This is a web-based solution offering customized charts, live data feed, professional trading tools, and access to 1000+ assets. 

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Oxtrades review


Desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet are all compatible devices with this platform, since you can access it via a browser at any point and from any location. With proprietary software, Oxtrades addresses the needs of traders looking for customization. Other existing solutions might be considered outdated or not flexible enough, in that sense. 

The WebTrader is backed by MetaTrader 4, another platform covered by the broker, with the sole goal of ensuring optionality. This solution has been around for years and many traders still believe that with MT4 they can trade in the markets professionally. 

Just like with the WebTrader, there are no limits in terms of the devices you can use for MT4. There are versions for desktop and mobile, regardless of the OS. Moreover, once you install the platform and fill in the credentials, you don’t need to repeat the process each time you open MT4. 

Account types

In accout types we will check oxtrades review , The Basic account is the most convenient option you can pick when signing up with Oxtrades, mainly because the minimum deposit requirement is $250. Traders who are considering this account should not worry about a potential lack of trading benefits, since they can use up to 1:100 leverage, educational content like e-books, daily market updates, and trade volumes as low as 0.01 (micro lots).

Traders who choose Standard, Silver, Gold and VIP accounts are rewarded with premium features, including higher leverage (up to 1:400, depending on the asset class), support from a dedicated account manager,AI trading, personal trainers, video tutorials, and more. 


Oxtrades accepts deposits via credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers. The minimum required for each method is $250 or currency equivalent. The accepted currencies are USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, CHF, AUD, and GBP. Another important factor to note is that there’s no fee charged for deposits. 

Oxtrades Review scam?


Moving on to withdrawals, the same payment solutions are covered. The normal processing time is typically up to 1 to 2 business days. However, if the financial department of the broker requires additional information, the processing time may be extended. 


There’s also an affiliate program available with Oxtrades, designed for those who aim for a tailor-made commission plan, top conversion rates, and a cutting-edge dashboard. Regarding how the program works, for every new trader signing up and making a deposit using your affiliate link, you are eligible to receive a commission. 

This affiliate program does not interfere with the usual trading process. It represents a separate endeavor. This is a win-win situation, since on one hand, the broker can expand its audience, and on the other, existing customers can bring their friends or relatives in – and make money off of that. 

Contact Oxtrades

Contacting Oxtrades (oxtrades review) is a simple and straightforward process. If you want to talk with a representative by phone, a number has been provided by the company on its website. Additionally, there are three email addresses (support, info, and finance), each with a specific use, depending on your inquiry. 

In case none of the above methods is convenient for you, it’s possible to request a call back by completing the contact form available at A representative will get back to you within one business day. 

Conclusions on Oxtrades

Final Oxtades review: Oxtrades demonstrates a commendable level of consistency in delivering CFD trading services, setting a benchmark for what traders should expect from a brokerage. In the face of market volatility, its trading infrastructure, bolstered by AI-driven insights and strategies, stands out for ensuring a stable trading environment. By choosing Oxtrades, traders gain access to an array of competitive features, notably trading signals and methodologies powered by advanced AI algorithms. This integration of technology into trading not only enhances decision-making but also positions Oxtrades as a forward-thinking choice for traders aiming to maximise their market potential.



  • Orson Massé
    Posted 25 May 2024 at 09:33

    Since I started using this forex platform, I’ve been highly impressed with the quality of trades and the range of features it offers. The order execution speed is incredibly efficient, allowing me to open and close positions at optimal prices, especially under volatile market conditions. The user interface is highly intuitive and customizable, enabling me to create a trading environment tailored to my needs. The technical analysis tools and indicators, combined with comprehensive charting options, allow me to conduct in-depth market analysis. Tools like Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger Bands, and MACD indicators are particularly user-friendly.

  • Mester K
    Posted 28 May 2024 at 16:24

    I had high expectations from this platform, but the customer service is very slow and withdrawals are constantly delayed. The user interface is not bad, but compared to other platforms, I find it unsatisfying.

  • Sander Aas
    Posted 30 May 2024 at 19:12

    The platform’s charting and analysis tools are really impressive and trading speeds are very good. Customer service is also generally helpful, I’ve only experienced a few minor delays. My overall experience is quite positive.

  • Sophia Kunze
    Posted 1 June 2024 at 15:09

    It has been a few months since I started trading on this platform and overall I am satisfied, but some improvements could be made. First of all, the user interface is very user-friendly and the tools and charts for following the markets are well developed. The speed of order transmission is also quite good, I can execute my trades quickly. The educational materials and webinars have helped me improve myself in the forex market. However, customer service is sometimes slow to respond and there are areas where they could be more effective. Deposits and withdrawals are generally smooth, but I have experienced delays a few times and would like these processes to be faster and more consistent. Spread rates are competitive, but I would have liked to see lower rates in some cases. Overall, I will continue to use this platform and I believe it will get better as improvements are made. I give it a score of 3.8 because there are some shortcomings but my overall experience is positive.

  • Jörg S.
    Posted 3 June 2024 at 22:02

    I tried many forex platforms before I started trading on this platform, but none were as comprehensive and user-friendly as this one. The user interface is extremely intuitive and trading is very easy. The market analysis tools and charts are quite advanced, which helped me understand the markets better and make more informed trading decisions. The educational materials and webinars are also very informative and an excellent resource for beginners in the forex market. The customer service team is always available and responds quickly to any questions I have. Deposits and withdrawals are also fast and hassle-free. Thanks to this platform, I can plan my trading strategies better and feel more confident. I highly recommend it!


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